Company Profile

Since 1946, CCH has been living up to its business philosophy–– that is, learning from the past and looking to the future. Throughout the years of hard work, our company has gained the leading position in the headwear manufacturing industry market.
Our compelling, detail-oriented products are sold worldwide, including countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Our products are internationally known for consistent high quality. We are proud to become a role model within our industry in Taiwan and we strive to remain competitive and innovative in the global market.

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Fine Quality

Our products are quality produced under the highest standards with the latest and finest techniques on pattern making, sewing, and graphic presentations. All of our products are required to pass the metal detection in order to provide our customers the most reliable and best performing products in the market.

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Manufacture Ability

With the recognition of humanity and dignity, CCH stands firm with our core values: safety, sustainability, and virtuousness, using innovative technologies, to bring the highest quality headwear to our customers that meets their needs.

Due to the commitment with the environment protection, all of our products are fluorescence-free and formalin-free. We also provide a safe and inclusive working environment for all our employees.

The use of vertically integrated manufacturing system, combined with novel automation equipment, professional and skilled technology and strict process planning, has created excellent quality and mass production scale.

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Creative Design

Creativity continues to break through tradition and strive for excellence, making CCH the manufacturer with broad range of headwear. Furthermore, the professional attitude and rigorous spirit have applied a new life into traditional industry.

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CCH is committed itself to environmental protection. In addition to promoting the concept of environmental protection in the factory, we also actively seek environmentally friendly materials, uses waste, and practices the spirit of environmental protection.

The CCH company also upholds the spirit of giving back to the society, and has held various activities over the years, including the “Love Donation,” “Blood Donation Activities,” and “Clean Community Environment.” The company is working together with our employees to contribute to the society and global community.

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